Trusted since 2005, Factory Store in Oceanside, Ca.. Coming soon to 29 Palms, CA. Aug 2024

About Us

BDS Tactical Gear Factory Store
BDS Tactical Gear is located in Oceanside, CA. Manufacturing Berry Compliant Mil Spec tactical nylon items for our local Marines, Military, and Law Enforcement around the world. BDS Tactical Gear products are available through our strategic partners at the: Army Air force Exchange Stores (AAFES) and Marine Corps Exchange Stores (MCX). Our products have been issued to US and foreign military units.  BDS Tactical Gear is an authorized vendor for Riverside Sheriff's Department (Riverside, CA) and Oceanside Police Department (Oceanside, CA). Our products can be found on GSA Advantage and available through the TLS and other federal government programs.
Established in Oceanside, CA in 2005, Our President / CEO has been a user of tactical nylon gear since the early 90's when he was a 0311 Infantry Marine With 3/4 I Company 7th Marines, and a 0321 Reconnaissance Marine, Team Leader with 1st Reconnaissance Bn at Camp Pendleton, CA 1st Marine Division. After the Military, moving into a career of law enforcement, he was employed as a Police Officer by Baltimore City Police Department-working in Northern District in the early 2000’s.
Our Mission statement.
“BDS Tactical Gear manufactures the highest quality tactical nylon items in the USA in order to provide our brave infantryman and patrolman with tactical products that meet and exceed the demands of those brave personnel whom’s lives depend on their gear. When your life depends on your gear, have the “Advantage” with BDS Tactical Gear".